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I think I'm just going to start dating these, to save myself and you the awkward titles. At any rate, it makes me feel mildly professional. *sips out of #2 boss mug*
There's been little to none activity from me lately, and that's because...well. Both an uncertain reason, and a number of them.
-School's coming. Later than others, but still. I begin 10th grade next Wednesday. I'm mostly holding back any stress/anxiety that comes with it by the power of happy thoughts (and, for one night, the pain medication that came from the dentist. No, not just for the heck of it; I had a root canal. It was *delightful*). While my schedule has been sorted out...I'll be taking two math classes, one online, and two serious Humanities classes. That leaves me with German (boring), Field Ecology (which may well be a classful of flunkies), and Art (praise be). So. Insert the incomprehensible sounds of someone eating their schedule and running off to live with the coyotes.
-I don't have any ideas for poetry. Or, if I do, they don't feel original. Not even others' poetry feels SPIFFTASTIC to me, currently; I think I've had a Literary Overdose. I've even considered departing this account a few times...but then I wouldn't get the content I *do* like from you lot, and....
-I have other stuff. Mostly stored in my head, but I have been writing up a few bits of prose, and I'd like to do more of it. Most of it should be about my characters running around wreaking havoc in my setting, but it might be good? If you like fantasy? And old-school fairies who drag people into rivers and steal your children and pretend to be prettier than they actually are? And semi-diverse casts? And ice cream? And other things as well but are too lengthy/spoileriffic for this journal? Should be cool.
Other than that:
-The weather seems to be cooling down, which is a very good thing.
-My birthday's coming up; I anticipate cool artwork and cooler artbooks.
-I'm considering taking part in this art-selling thing for the young people around here. Money is delicious.
-No, I will not be learning to drive. I'm a rebel. Also scared of hitting things. And too lazy to get behind the steering wheel and stress myself to death.
-Tomorrow I'll be going to the coast, and the day after, my mother and I will go into town. Hurrah for activity.
And on another note...
Would you guys be interested in:
a. Giving me ideas for things to draw. Pretty straightforward.
b. Asking me to draw you something in exchange for money. You commission me to draw you A PRETTY FLOWER (or more likely, your awesome character), I make it, I either mail the physical product to you (which would require your address (how sketchy)), or scan it in and send a copy to you (I don't have a terrible scanner, but it isn't great either). I'd probably have to put a limit on how many could be commissioned, if people are interested, and what sort of drawing, and how much it costs. If you lot are interested, I can muster up a sorta-portfolio/sample of the sort of work I do. To be brief:
-Portraits (I could make you a small card of your characters' faces, for example. Or go larger for one or two. Or make one from a reference photo. Or whatever.)
-Full-body (Maybe. This would take a lot more work, and as I mentioned, I do have a full school schedule rapidly approaching. Maaaybe.)
-Cards/Small prints (Of flowers, flowers in bottles, trees, villages, mountains, birds, THINGS. No, not everything, so you might want to send me a few ideas if you ask. These will be less rigid than the others, and might have a lot of My Ideas dashed in as well. Also, there will most likely be little borders and embellishments, and you could ask me to write a little message somewhere on it. That sort of thing.)
Really, tell me if you guys are interested. Prices would probably be around $5-$15; it'd be more if I make you something more elaborate. Materials- watercolors, ink, pencil, that sort of thing. I can show some pictures of my more current work in a later journal, as well as guidelines. Just let me know.
Hey! I'm feeling positive! The allure of somewhat-lucrative business has that on me. Perhaps this giant journal will all be worth it...



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